Monday, 28 February 2011

Son Gets Killed By Father While Intervening in Parents' Fight

I've recently set up some news RSS feeds into my mail inbox so I can stay up to date with events happening in South Africa and the World.

One of the Headlines of today reads 'Son Gets Killed By Father While Intervening in Parents' Fight'

While the Parents were fighting and arguing the Son tried to intervene to protect his Mother, but instead the Father turned on him and stabbed him in the neck with a knife.

How much more must we take? How much more madness must we witness before we realise that the World we live in and the things that happen every single day are not okay?

When people criticize the Equal Money System, they compare it to our current established system and social conditioning. Wanting 'proof' based on what the 'current system' is created on, where our current system is the 'point of reference' and 'almighty judge' to which the Equal Money System must prove itself and 'live up' to its 'expectations'. Which if you look at it, is quite ridiculous - because - why would we want to prove the 'worthiness' of an Equal Money System to a World of Madness and Abuse? That would defeat the whole point of an Equal Money System now wouldn't it.

So to want 'proofs' about an Equal Money System based on your acceptance and defense of the conditioning of our current System (where children get stabbed in the neck when intervening in a fight) is just complete non-sense. People look at an Equal Money System and say'it's not going to work' - but do not even for a second look at what is currently happening and how we really do not have that many options. The current condition of the World is downright cruel and to defend it is criminal. Because one thing is for sure: we cannot continue like this. If an Equal Money System can mean a way out of this mess, out of this Demonic State of Affairs - why not give it a chance? Why is everyone trying to hold on to the current state of affairs? It's all over the news - but maybe it's still just that little bit too much 'out there'.

So the question is: How far are we willing to let this World spin out of control before we take action?
How many children must die?
Every day without an Equal Money System is a day where we flush life down the drain...
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