Thursday, 10 March 2011

Relationship Management with Mind Constructs

Gian and I are now working with a new 'strategy' to deal with points that come up.

Whenever we see that one of us is facing a 'major point' we suggest to do a Mind Construct on the point.
This works very effective because we get to write out the construct in detail. The great thing about Mind Constructs is the specificity you can work with in terms of unfolding the pattern - each and every step from point A to B - to see exactly what you're participating and thus see the solution/correction with the same clarity.

It's like reading your programming/script - erase - and rewrite.

After a while you get to see your patterns 'in the moment' - where instead of at a later stage writing about it - you immediately see the pattern right here, right now (because of having trained yourself with Mind Constructs) and are able to deal with it. This is also fun way to work with each other when things pop up in the moment. Like we'll be in the mall and Gian will behave a certain way or I will behave a certain way and then the other one goes 'right there! what did you do, what were you thinking before you did that, give me a timeline' lol. And then we discuss it and correct ourselves.

I will also in random conversations go 'I see a basic mind construct component there...', or when watching tv/series you can go 'Basic Mind Construct Component right there!!! Obvious blame' and then quickly lay out the pattern form myself lol.
So you can also apply what you have learnt from doing Mind Constructs in writing to your every day life to see how and why you behave a certain way or others or people in tv series / movies.

So yeah, Mind Constructs are cool =)
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