Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I was going to call today for a job during summer vacation and when I came home and checked my emails I saw they already mailed me for my phone number. They called me and guess what haha I have a Job!!! Yaaaaaay, hahahahhaha. I can't believe it, me Leila, having a job lol. One step closer to a ticket to SA :). It's in August, ikea same place as Gabriel works aaand it's in a kitchen ( which equals = lots of fooood). Haha. Shitty (?) thing is that I will have to talk in French lol... So I guess I better work on that! Aaaaah, I'm so happy about it lolol. I wanted to work in July at first but there was no place left. Which is actually great as my parents will be gone to Mexico during July so more fun for me! I'm not that excited really I as should really focus on school right now... Four more weeks, FOUR weeks, shit, it my mind it was muuuch longer. So I work my ass off and get it done! Wooohoooooooooooooooooo
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