Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pain is not the only thing it Kills – Vultures Die Too

In India the Vulture population has declined by 99%.Upon investigation it turned out that the cause of this drastic decline was within the food the vultures were consuming.
One of their food supplies are the carcasses of deceased livestock. Many of these cows were treated with a painkiller/anti-inflammatory drug Diclofenac.
They die – the drug stays in their system – the vultures eat the corpse – the vultures get it in their system...and die of kidney failure.The drug has been banned – but it may still take years before all the ones that were already in circulation get out. Will the remaining 1% hold?
How has such a fuck-up come about? The only way this type of side-effect and inconsideration can come about is when the animal their best interest is not taken into account.
Because – this veterinary drug is supposed to 'help animals' as in treating livestock – no-one took into consideration the possible outcome if any of these carcasses get eaten.Which inherently shows that the drug was not manufactured taking into consideration 'the animals' – but only the depth of the Humans their pockets.
In an Equal Money System – this would not happen. We would not only start taking into considerations the animals as a whole once they're all almost dead.
Vote for an Equal Money System – Vote for a System of Consideration of All Life
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