Monday, 11 July 2011

Practical Agreement: Body Support

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed tremendously (and am still enjoying) from the start of my agreement are body massages – mmm!

It first started when Gian and I were sitting in the lounge by the fire and Bernard still has his desk and pc right next to the fire place. As we were sitting there Bernard told us to hold hands and feel the touch – “Isn’t that so nice?” he said. That it was lol.

We’d then start with just holding hands while sitting in the lounge listening to beings in the Portal telling their story or Bernard doing an interview.We would use the physical touch through the hands as a point of support to remain ‘here’ and not go off into the mind as thoughts.

Later we then moved from playing and massaging the hand to the arm, back etc until we were comfortable to start massaging the whole body.

First we went through a phase of “Resistance”. We’d be doing a massaging session and I would be uncomfortable with Gian massaging me on certain spots and sometimes just burst out into laughter because some spots were just soooo ticklish! This was cool to identify what judgments, feelings/emotions, and value points one has given to certain areas of the body. During the massage you can simply ‘breathe’ through the experience and just take note of any thoughts / points that pop up in relation to the body parts / areas. As you breathe it is like a wave washing away the ideas and beliefs attached to those points – like a cleansing. Then, later, you can write down the points as thoughts / judgments / emotions and apply Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Statements on all the points.

Then we went through a ‘Pain’ phase – where we’d specifically massage parts that were painful or tight. You’ll find that when someone points out to you that they are aching in a particular spot and you gently feel the area with your fingers/hands – that there will be like a hard type of ‘clump’ somewhere in the flesh. These are crystals that are manifested overtime through compression and accumulation. We will then massage the spot with the crystal until it becomes smaller and smaller (and asking the other to breathe through the pain) and move it out of the body. If you do massaging often you will become very quickly acquainted to the typical “problem areas” and find these crystals fairly easy. I also sometimes use my partner’s skin condition as guideline / map of what to be on the lookout for. If he for instance has a bunch of pimples emerging in one particular ‘isolated’ area – then I will go and investigate with my hands. Many times the muscle and skin will be very tight there and would indicate some anger issues having planted themselves into the flesh.

If one is able to identify the point in relation to which the crystal manifested, you can apply Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Statements. You can identify it through it simply popping up right there in the moment, like you just “know” that that’s the point. If you have been participating within the Desteni I Process and are familiar wit Muscle Communication, then you can use this as a tool to pinpoint the exact issue. At some point we had many printouts of a page with the outline of a body on it and space for writing. We’d then make a little dot on the spot where pain or discomfort was experienced to use Muscle Communication to identify the exact point.
You can also run a little search in Veno’s Structural Resonance to give yourself context in relation to the point. You can also lay Osho Tarot Cards if you have these available to yourself or flip through Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal your Body” book – so lots of options.

Then we went through a phase of “In the moment Self-Forgiveness”. One of us would be giving a massage to the other and the one receiving the massage would apply Self-Forgiveness on any and all points that would come up in the moment until all was clear. Oh, massages are also great to bring up any suppressed points. Your body holds and stores everything has memory within itself. By stimulating the physical through massaging these points can open up and can then be faced – so if your partner is crying, it might not be your awful massaging techniques ;).massagepanamacity4

What else…

Blind Massaging! One of the many benefits of having so many visitors coming over from overseas is those eye cover thingies that you get in the plane. We would use these to blindfold ourselves and do massages with touch as the only point of stimulation for the senses. This can be a really cool experience. If you breathe and massage for long enough you will find that at one point you cannot distinguish your own body from your partner’s and it feels like you are just one, merged body. You can do this without blindfolds as well but the blindfolding has a way of intensifying touch more easily. You can obviously also move on to doing other things with you blindfolds :P.

Massages in a Jacuzzi or a nice hot bath with salt and vinegar can be quite pleasant as well. The warm water helps with relaxing the body and allow your fingers to really “get in there” – watch that your partner doesn’t fall asleep (group massages can also be done in Jacuzzi, in the end you don’t know whose foot your holding or who is holding yours lol).

So here some points that one can play with explore in an agreement or just with a good friend. Beware though of getting yourself involved into any sort of sexual vibes when you first start of with massaging (especially if you are not massaging your partner). Take note of the trigger and the program playing out but breathe through it and do not allow yourself to participate within it and create a mind fuck. Practice touch being just that = touch – no matter where it is on the body, all areas equal.

Play with different hand movements like stroking, squeezing, rubbing, tapping, etc. We also use oil on the body to assist with the easy flow of the hands on the body so you can play with that too, using oil or no oil. When you are receiving a massage, take note of what you enjoy and apply this to your partner as well.
The more you practice the better you’ll get.

Massage all parts equally. Whether you are only giving a quick back rub or a full body massage – make sure you give both sides of the body equal attention with your touch. It is not very nice to be left at the end of a session with one or more body parts screaming for more attention lol.

It might also be a good idea to drink a nice cup of water after a session. A lot of toxins will try to find their way out of the body and if you are not sufficiently hydrated to assist your body with this process, then you might find yourself  with quite an unpleasant head ache.


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