Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Beastly vs Beauty & The Beast

beastlyThe other day I was watching the new movie ‘Beastly’ which is basically a ‘modern' teenage version of the Beauty & The Beast story.
After I was done watching the movie it suddenly hit me: What do the guy in ‘Beastly’ and the Prince from ‘Beauty & The Beast’ have in common?
= MONEY!!!
That’s right, they’re both stinking rich!

The Prince in the Beauty & The Beast lives in this ginormous castle and has got the wealth to look after the girl. The guy from Beastly has a super rich daddy, which allows him to spend money on the girl, provide her with ‘security’, ‘safety’ and a limo ride to a “cottage” (read supermassive mansion) by a lake.

So the ‘Morale’ of both stories has got nothing, absolutely nothing to do with ‘Real Love’ and “Beauty on the Inside/Outside’ – it’s all all about the Beauty and Glamour of your wallet. Whether you’re a beautiful, handsome person whose a total ass – or an absolute freak of nature on the outside with the sweetest personality = as long as you have money you’ll get what you want.
And I mean, this guy is not the only one playing in a Romantic Story that girls dream of that’s got a lot of bucks. Take a look at the following dudes:vampire diaries

Anyone else seeing a pattern?

So what does this say about Relationships and what a girl wants?
Girls like MONEY –in fact – everyone wants money!!!
So we should just give it to everyone so that everyone can develop proper relationships with one another without fearing for one’s survival or whether someone’s going to stab you in the back for money.


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