Thursday, 3 April 2008

pam pam pam pam pam pam pam pam

haha, I feel like writing yes yesssssss
It's easter holidays and I'm home, second week now, next week back to school. Holiday has been very cool. Training myself on getting up after sleeping 4-6 hours... I got some results! Not much though, but hey, it's coming haha. One time it was like really good. I woke up, opened eyes, turned off alarm, out of bed and when there I went, up with the first breath of the morning haha, was quite an experience for me. But then I got downstairs and there wasnt much I could do cause it was like 4 am and dark and sis and bro were still sleeping and I didnt want to wake em up. So I ate and then I read in a book I have to read for school. It was alright at first but then I started to have troubles with keeping my eyes open. I would close my eyes, just that little longer than a second and then i would shake my head, to keep myself awake. I started to see everything double also, cause I was reading and fixing my eyes on all these points.
Then I stopped reading and watched some tv, that was easy. But the tv wasnt all that interesting so I turned it off and read some more. And thats when i fell asleep hahahaahahaha.
But not for that long and then I had my coffee :) :) :)

Parents are away this week, they went to some place in France ha ha. House for our own. Its very cool but now the dished don't just dissapear after awhile (like they would do when my mom is home). The cooking is cool, I made some cool stuff and it was YUMMIE. And thats cool for me cause at home I was known as a "clumsy cooker" and Gabriël would always look worried when I was making food, as if I could burn down the house at any given moment (which is.. actually kind of true hahaahaha). But then the dishes pfffff, really messy kitchen everyday. The first days I cleaned up (as in putting the dishes in the machine & cleaning the other ones when the machine was full). But now I'm like pffffff... At first I didnt mind the mess but like, when you have no place to MAKE and EAT your food then you know you gotta do something about it. Hmmm... I will wait the the machine has done washing and then I'll put the stuff back where it "belongs" and clean up some more. Its really cool that our parents our away, I feel so much more free and unlimited aaaaah, I eat what I want, when I want, I MAKE it (which I like, cooking is fun), I can put music loud, I can smoke wherever i want (when Dad is home I only smoke in room and computer room cuz he freaks out when he sees me smoking altough he knows I smoke).
I go sleep when I want to (my dad gets angry when he sees I'm not in my bed yet by midnight "YOU HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW".

Mom isnt screaming around and telling us what to do, it's so nice.

But we did forget to take out the trash monday and now we have to wait for 4 weeks, before they come and get it tutututu, and Mom was really repeating it all daaaay long the day before she left DONT FORGET TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH and I was like yea yea I'll do it whatever

and then I didnt oooooops
and then I felt guilty and then I got scared cus I knew dad was going to get all mad when he would see that the bags were still in the hallway lol. So put them in the basement with maite so that they're atleast out of the view (its amazing what images, pictures, triggers in a mind).

Haha, and now everytime the bell rings I get a little electric fear shock cus I think it's maybe parents coming home earlier lolololol. And this only happened when Gabs said that he feared that they might come home anytime hahahaha straaaange stuff, before that I was all relaxed, and now at every sound i go "ITS THEM!!!!" hahaha, craaazy mind, you're so funnny

Hmmm, next week I have to go back to school. I even got a mail from my teachers that the coming friday we already have another jury? WTF is their fucking problem!!! The last time we had atelier we had jury and now we have vacation all nice relax and then they come and tell us that we have JURY??? What the fuck do these crazies expect from us lol.
I worked a bit for school, finished the book, but now I have to start to read another one for another class... Aaah, and after 56 schooldays I got SUMMER VACATIOOOOOOooooon, wooohooo = parents gone month to mexico, me working (if I have job heehee) and going to SAaaaaaaaahahahahaahahahahaaaa

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, sweet last schoolyear. And this was were I was looking forward to all the time when I was a little kid, and all and I mean ALL the things I imagined would happen NEVER happened, only crazy stuff happened. Like Desteni hahaha, who would have imagined doing that in the future lololol
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