Friday, 8 August 2008

my experience of me in SA

So been here now for 5 days. Shit already lol. "Time' goes fast.
Hum hum.. In beginning I was full of stress an anxiety nervous ness the entire package. Like totally unfomfortable. Then later Bella gave me a niiice session that opened up a lot of points and that got my body and me to relax. So that was super cool. Right now I'm feeling more comfortable with myself, started to settle down. Starts to feel like I've always been here.
There's really not much difference from when I was home. I do stuff like eating, sleeping, smoking, drinking coffee and then now I also play with the dogs and there's the portal. but everything here is so fucking normal. Really. It's just...beings living together.
Like yah it is the way it is haha. Hmmm
Nothing out of the ordinary.
in evenings we watch a movie, sit by the fire and talk. Which is cool cause clarity comes up and we get to discuss stuff and consider many things..phewwww yes much to consider.
Tum tum tum.....that's all for now. Haha nt much to say really, just come and see for urself :)
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