Saturday, 21 May 2011

Introducing the Parrots

A week ago or so we went to visit one of the new pet shops in town.

They had two little African Grey Parrots. Gian and I bought the things we needed and played with the parrots a bit. They were really cute and our Parrot's been a real attention whore lately so we thought maybe it'd be cool for him to have a friend he can play with.

So we discussed it with Bernard and two days ago we went to buy one of the two Parrots.
When we got home and introduced the new parrot to Parrot (Parrot is the name of the first parrot) - it was love on first sight. They immediately started to play and groom each other and hanging around having lots of fun.

The next day after I had written my exam Sunette came into my room saying to get my things together : We are getting the other parrot! Lol.

The other parrot had been all alone in the shop without his friend looking all sad so Sunette decided it'd be nice for him to join the family. This one was a bit more scared than the second one (second one's name is Papegaai (Afrikaans for Parrot lol). and his name is Munchie. He was very happy to we back with his friend and seemed a lot more at ease.

So currently our room is converted to a Parrot Jungle / Daycare and all of them are getting along very well.
The new youngest ones are working on their confidence climbing their way through all the ropes and branches and the elder Parrot (by a few months) is showing them all the tips and tricks.

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