Sunday, 29 May 2011

Why Sex Sells and How you can Become Immune to this Phenomena

Why does sex sell? Whenever someone is confronted with advertisement within which they use sexually tinted images to manipulate the consumer to buy their product –- the advertiser is playing on a sense of ‘longing’ and ‘desire’.

But why do people connect ‘longing’ and ‘desire’ to sex / sexuality? 315pnKhCjaL._SL500_AA280_
Looking back at my own childhood experiences regarding ‘love’ and ‘happiness’ I can see that all those experiences all pointed to a singular concept = Relationships.

You are all alone within this world an the purpose of your life is to find your Soulmate, who will complete your life, who will make you whole.
This idea that ‘somewhere out there’ is the perfect partner for you to become ‘complete’ holds the problematic implication that inherently = you are incomplete.

So the moment you grasp this concept of ‘your happiness is out there somewhere, go find it’ – you will find yourself always feeling unsatisfied, like something is missing, your life’s just not complete.
But have you noticed how whenever you really want something, and then you get it = it suddenly isn’t all that great anymore? I remember perfectly how when I was 12 I really wanted this particular pair of shoes. It was constantly on my mind “If only I could have those shoes… it would totally complete my look (and thus complete my life)_”. LOL

So then the day came and I got the shoes and I was just like ‘woah awesome!!! At last!” This thrilling experience lasted for about a day and as things ‘went back to normal’ and I started to doing my normal daily activities – I suddenly realized that: My life was not complete, I am still not feeling satisfied. I felt so scammed, lol – scammed by my own desire. Because now I have these shoes and, it just feels like nothing.
This is to demonstrate that ‘desire’, can never really be fulfilled. Only the ‘chase’ is fun, is thrilling. Once you have what you want it’s just not fun anymore – because your idea about it and what it is actually like, do not match at all.

So now if we look at relationships and having the ‘One’ that completes your life (assuming that the ‘One’ exists at all lol) – this is quite a hectic and intense desire/longing that resides within each and every one – it’s like a ‘Life Mission’ / quest for your own personal ‘Holy Grail’.

Now, what is the core ‘characteristic’ of Relationships within the adult-world = ‘Sex’.
That’s right. Sex shows that ‘you’re being serious’ now. It ‘seals the deal’ so to speak.

So this is now the perfect pool of opportunity for companies to get YOU to buy THEIR product – using your ever lasting desire and search for ‘the one’ and ‘the one sexual experience’ (because this amazing sexual experience will indicate that ‘this is the one for you’).

By using these sexually tinted pictures, it ‘activates’ your everlasting desire for the perfect sexual partner and you just can’t help yourself – you need to try this shit out (whatever it is their selling) – it may just be THE ONE THING that can help you on your quest for THE ONE who hold the key the THE SEXUAL EXPERIENCE and your everlasting blisssss.

So now companies and advertisement use this point to present all and whatever products as THE THING that may POTENTIALLY get you to achieve your Great Quest.

1228255And what the greatest thing is about this whole “THE ONE” thing is that = nobody ever finds him or her. Because, people look outside of themselves, they look ‘out there’ for that special person to complete their life. While all along, that person’s been ever-present in their life, but they never noticed it. Who is it? It’s you!

Because you’ve accepted yourself as being ‘incomplete’, inherently ‘sinful’ and ‘damaged’ and what not – you have not allowed yourself to live a life of unsatisfaction and incompleteness. It’s all just a perception, a state of mind. The real thing that you need, the real thing you need to work on: is your relationship with yourself. And that is exactly what Desteni and the Desteni tools are for: you working and establishing your relationship with yourself.

So if you want to become immune to Sexually Tinted Advertisement & Live a life of true Fulfilment = do the Desteni I Process and LEARN to LOVE YOURSELF.

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