Saturday, 7 May 2011

Real Stories – Real People

One of the things I love about participating within the DIP is that you get an actual real and clear picture of what goes on in the world, of what goes on within people.207899_176695602381156_175698322480884_474150_4030430_n

This is something I have never experienced before. Any relationship I have had in my life was superficial, any insight into the lives of ‘others’ was limited to what I’d for instance read in magazines & gossip that was shared. And if I now look back at that time, I see how ‘unreal’ all of it really was / is.

I’d never actually know a per

son, or have be able to share real life experiences that had impact on me. I never really knew what they experienced, how their life was or what is was they were actually going through. It was like any relationship was staged and everyone was just being some actor trying to maintain a persona. In a way there was a lot of fear involved, judgments, embarrassments. “Is it okay that I did this?”, “Will they laugh at me if I tell them this?”, “Will they think I am weak if I tell them that?” – it’s like a whole social strategic game of not losing face. So from the surface, everyone I knew, my world, seemed ‘happy’ and ‘normal.

Currently with the DIP, what we work with is real people with real stories. Working with people on writing, Mind Constructs, etc – it opens up a whole new world. Like suddenly the red curtain gets opened and you step beyond the veil of pretence and see what is actually going on. And most of the time = it’s not pretty. If I look at all the stories of abuse – whether by others or by self, it’s very extensive. If I now have to look back at the people I’ve known throughout my life, family, friends, familiar faces – it really makes you question what the hell happens behind closed doors and inside human beings. No-one ever talks about bad shit. It’s like just not done and there’s no support structure whatsoever in this world. I mean, if I have to look at it, I’d have to classify each and every person I’ve ever known as ‘dysfunctional’. No-one really knows what it is to live and to deal with life. We’re all just trying to ‘keep it together’ but actually have no fucking clue what we are doing here on Earth. It’s kind of sad.

So I am grateful for DIP, I’m grateful for the support structure it provides and the beings that participate within it. It’s a small piece of ‘realness’ within this world.

The people that participate within it are very courageous – not many people will allow you into their world the way DIP people do. They share their story uncensored, as is, full out with all its glory and shame. Working with people in this way, gives you a whole new perspective on life, on people.

So, if you want to become a real person and work with real people – DIP is the way to go.

Thank You all out there for sharing your piece of realness and sorting out your reality in order to be able to sort out reality as a whole.

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