Friday, 30 September 2011

“If God Wanted Us To Live Together In Harmony, He’d Made Us Look All The Same”

And God Created different Races...

I started reading the True Blood books not so long ago, and after having read for a while I decide that I also wanted to re-watch the previous seasons.

At some point in the first season Sookie (who can read other’s minds / hear thoughts), is busy waitressing at Merlotte’s and for a moment in the scene they show the various thoughts people are having at the bar.
One of those people is a man sitting by the bar having a beer. One of his thoughts goes something like this: “This isn’t right, all these people living together like they belong. Whites, blacks, vampires… If God wanted us to live together in harmony, he would have made us look all the same.”

And in that moment while I was watching that scene, what he was saying made sense and I agreed with his statement. Though – there are two ways one can look at his statement.

It is one thing to observe that “God” had made us in a particular design and ‘obey’ / ‘conform’ to this design and another to observe design “God” gave us and question its intentions.

Firstly, you could look at it the way the character in the story does: “God did not make us look all the same, thus – we should not be living together in harmony, it’s not right”.
And secondly you could look at the statement by investigating God’s role more closely: “If God wanted us to live together in harmony, he would have made us look all the same – so why didn’t he?

So why didn’t God make us look all the same? Why did God make us look different, have different skin colours, speak different languages, have different religions, different cultures? What are “God’s” intentions really?

Because looking at the design and outflow of things, his intentions are revealing themselves to be quite questionable. I can only find one reason why God would have made us look all different – and that is that he is deliberately attempting to breed disarray. And why would he want to do that? Well, if I place myself in the shoes of God as someone who is deliberately trying to create chaos and conflict within the world, where entire Genocides manifest because of this singular point – and who is very much aware of the consequence as I, as God am omniscient and know the beginning and end of things – well then…I must be evil. It’s that plain and simple.

Being aware of this one point, seeing and realising that this singular point in existence is questionable in terms of God’s intentions and plans for existence – doesn’t it make you kind of wonder about everything else in the world? If God was being an asshole in this one point, what would keep him from screwing with Life on Earth in any other area? Then if you start looking at other facets of our reality you can really spot God’s great enthusiasm for screwing things up to the ultimate point of dysfunctionality and ruin: poverty, war, disease, pollution, scarcity, starvation, extinction – the list goes on.

The question that arises is whether we will sit back and allow this existence to be as is – as God intended it to be --  Or whether we will stand up and take responsibility for ourselves and our fellow beings on Earth and transform this planet to a place where all can live in harmony in fact.

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