Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Day after computer crash

After doing the self forgiveness on the computer crash event and things related I released myself from that.

The day after I tried turning on the computer just once more... And it worked!
Though my brother mentioned that he heard our father cursing that evening I didn't notice anything!
So this clearly shows how the mind fucks with you and will try to find ways to fuck with you and will take every single little tiny chance to fuck with you.

So, now, something else. In the text that Heath Ledger wrote about why he doesn't want to be god he describes how people decore their room with themselves and define themselves according to that room. Now what I'm going to do is put this in application. I'm lit. going to put my mind like a copying maybe outside of myself into 3D where I can hold it and see it. I combine this with my school project so that's a nice way to graduate. While making over the room I'm just going to follow my mind as in thoughts, feelings and emotion. Once it is "done" (since I combine it with school it has to be "done" to a certain extent and that woud be around Mai/June, but might keep working on it after that) I will apply self forgiveness on everything that is present in the room. One by one, and once I am clear on that point I throw it away. And like that I will do self forgiveness till my room is empty, till my mind is empty and gone. This is what I'm going to do for the toime being. Of course this is a short period of time and will require a lot of work. I don't really care about getting it "done" (as in getting my entire mind out there, cause that's kind of difficult) but do as much as possible for now and I will see where life guides me where I can work more effectively.

Cause lol, when I visit SA I cannot take my room in my bag and take it with me :p

I will probably use the room for some video recordings for school and my own process and maybe for other people's processes.
Will put those online once they're done.

That's all for now.
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