Friday, 21 January 2011

1 + 1 - Getting Everything Done - One thing at a Time

I’ve noticed that when I want to ‘take things on’ – I grab a whole bunch of points and I want to deal with them ‘right here’, ‘right now’ – rushing into it without actual consideration. It’s then more of a ‘wanting to get things done’ instead of taking each point on, one by one – and getting it done in actuality.

So now I am looking at what points I would like to have effectively in place in my realty – take a singular point on, take it into consistency until it is integrated completely as a part of my world, as a part of me. Once a point is completed – take on the next.

Because – just like a computer where there’s several programs running at the same time trying to execute things = it’s bound to get into trouble – so it’s best to just do one thing, one time – breath by breath.
With this I want to take on my back. I spend a lot of time working and sitting in front of my PC, if not most of the time and it is taking quite a toll on my back since I’m not sitting straight but move into all kind of weird positions to keep on re-balancing myself – instead if just keeping to one point – straight – supported, then there is no need to go into strange polarity positionings to balance myself out.

Gian almost reminds me everyday, to look at how I’m sitting and how it is not supporting my body – but I haven’t yet been able to will myself to get this point to a point of consistency.

So now I stick to this point – apply it – until it is done!

And then I move to the next point lol.
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