Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Inconsideration & Consequence

Written on 10-01-11 -  as a joint Blogpost by Leila Zamora Moreno & Gian Robberts 

Today an Event happened that showed how ‘Specificity’ can be a lifesaver – literally.

In this case though – it pressed the attention to how a life could have been saved, how an accident could have been prevented – if we would have been more specific and considerate within every point of our room in relation to our Bird – TweeTweet.

TweeTweet is the Fiscal Flycatcher that Bernard found a few months ago by the entry Gate of the Farm – and that we’ve been taking care of ever since.

We recently moved into a room within a house.
Now that our living area/room was situated in a house, and the dogs were now also living with us we had take more points into consideration. Previously it was just the two of us (Gian & Me), the Bird and a few rats. The points were very simple: Keep the door closed and do not let any other animal in.

Moving into a house presented a whole new set of points that had to be looked at, because we weren’t now the only beings living in the same block. Keeping the door closed the whole time (which we did initially + we had to lock it with a key because the door wouldn’t close properly) wasn’t very practical with the dogs wanting to be able to move around. So slowly we allowed the door to be open more and more till at one point we just left it open most of the time. TweeTweet would keep himself to flying in our room, preferably sitting by the windows where he could observe all the things that were going on outside.

From time to time he’d find himself in the kitchen / lounge area, but this was seldom (after for instance chasing ‘Tweeter’, Maite & LJ’s Teenage Rooster, out of the room). We also found him flying outside, right in front of the building twice but directed him back inside safely.
The dogs were all fine with him being out there, Chimera would sometimes upset him because she’d want to play with him and he interpreted it as ‘being chased’.

So you’d think that – if anything would go wrong – it would be a) he flies out of the room and something happens (out in the wild, cats, etc) or b) one of the dogs kills him (albeit by accident).
But now – from all possible deaths – he died by falling through the small feeding hole of the little fish tank we have in our room & drowned.

I was baffled when I heard the cause of TweeTweet’s Death because it seemed so Random. From all possible Death Scenario’s this was the one. Showing us that we had overlooked one simple thing: ‘What if the bird comes by the hole and decides to go for one of the fishies?’ I mean – we know he’s adventurous & that he likes shiny things: 1 + 1 = 2.

Gian gives a Practical Example of how – in one moment of ignoring and ‘waiving away’ a single point of awareness, a singular point of consideration – you create your own (and that of others’) demise:

“Since we moved into the new room I have been feeding all the animals in the mornings, changing their water and providing them with food for the day. After I would be done making TweeTweet’s food, I would place the food at a specific point in the room and wait for the food to soak.
Meanwhile, I’d then open the cage that served as TweeTweet’s sleeping cage. He would climb on my finger and I would bring him out - he would either fly away and land on the highest point in the room and check everything – or per usual he would scream for food and I would feed him.
Most of the time he’d want me to feed him, specifically screaming for food when I was around. I had taken on the point of being his caretaker; he can trust me with his life.

It happened a few times in the mornings while I was feeding the fish, that TweeTweeT would sit on my shoulder and observe what I was doing. He’d then jump to the tank and poke at the fish in the tank, I then said no do not do that and he would fly away (that’s what parents do so what did I do as the parent). I created curiosity with in TweeTweet and he wanted to go where it was forbidden and find out why he can’t go there.
He did this with me being present about 2 times. The one time he climbed up and looked through the hole - I pushed him off and said “No do not do that, go away leave the fish alone”.

 In my mind I had a flash thought that I should cover up the hole, but instead I immediately went into my own opinion of reality and how I believe it works and said ‘no way that TweeTweet will ever go in there for the fish’ – and I simply ignored the point after that as being irrelevant and nothing to be worried about. (all the points that I saw was practically possible points of playing out with in my understanding of the physical seemed pretty valid) according to my own self interest in that moment and not what is best for all ‘Twee Tweed”
I was wrong – I did not take all of and as the physical as me into consideration and I trusted the physical instead of myself. I did not apply the 1 + 1 = 2 equality equation and now for my ignorance for not standing equal to and as the physical - as TweeTweet and his expression-, he suffered the consequences.

He placed all his trust in me and within that single moment of consideration I could not trust myself to actually see that it is relevant with in what is here as the physical and not the mind as that which I gave trust to and caused suffering and death.
Now another being such as TweeTweet lost his life for the sake that I must wake up and see what I have accepted and allowed to exist. How many more should die before humanity actually see what is here and what the fuck we are doing. Billions of animals die yearly for no fucking reason - but die at the hand of the abusive accepted and allowed nature of the human, and Yet only a hand full will see it but not Yet act on it – as I did.
The Specificity that was required in this case – is not Specificity as Obsession & Paranoia, where you go and ‘secure’ everything from a Starting Point of ‘Fear of Loss’. Not ‘fearing losing something’ does not mean that you become Reckless – just as you don’t go and not look around you when you’re about to cross a street because you do not fear Death – that’s absurdity – not Practicality and Practicality is that which we want to work with.
It’s a matter of following a Mathematical Equation and finding all the variables as points where possibilities exist that can be prevented – and to fine-tune yourself as this Mathematical Equation into and as Perfection where all is considered, and nothing taken for granted.

So TweeTweet Death’s was a learning Experience – as every bird and animal we’ve had that died has been a learning experience. To each time show us what points we missed – so we may correct ourselves and become more effective in what we do and who we are. Thank you TweeTweet, you were an awesome friend.

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