Saturday, 22 January 2011

No Space for Choice within 1 +1

This is a continuation on my previous post which covers the point of doing 'one thing at a time' - though there was still a point missing, which is the point of not allowing space for Choice.

Because now during my day for instance, I have point that I have to deal with. I've established that I can only do 1 thing, 1 breath - but now I went into 'what shall I do now' from a perspective of 'scrolling through' all my available 'options' as choice and then make a decision based on energy - where I will pick something on the basis of 'I want to' and 'I don't want to do that right now' (and postpone).
Instead of looking at things from a practical common sense perspective - where I look at 'what is priority' and 'how much time/breaths is this going to take me' and then just DO IT.

So that's that.
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