Sunday, 23 January 2011

Battlestar Galactica – Season 3 – Episode 5 – ‘Collaborators’

Ending the Cycle of Blood for Blood – Forgiveness is the only way forward

 In the previous Episodes there were a whole bunch of people on New Caprica, which the Cylons took over – Admiral Adama and the Galactica came to the rescue.

Those who managed to escape from New Caprica are seeking revenge under the name of ‘Justice’ against those they believe collaborated with the Cylons. Six of them, including Chief Tyrol and Col. Tigh, have formed the Circle and are acting as judge, jury and executioner. Those found guilty are blown out of an airlock. 

A lot of interesting points come up in this episode – the main point being ‘Vengeance’ under the disguise of ‘Justice’.

A whole lot of people did a whole lot of stupid things – everybody did.

Like Gaeta mentions – they all collectively voted for Baltar to be president, they all wanted to indulge into their desire and ideals.

And even before that - everyone is responsible - as the Cylons is the creation of Man.

Everyone participated and created the fuck-up together – there’s no point in pointing fingers and blaming others for ‘what they went through’.

The ‘Blood for Blood’ principle cannot work though – because just like ‘Karma’ it is something that just keeps on going in circles moving from one polarity into the other into infinity.

Once Roslin got back into Presidency and got to know about the ‘trials’ that had been going on, she made a Public Statement – and that Statement was one of Forgiveness.
That whatever anyone did in the past under the occupation of the Cylons – everyone was Pardoned.

Which was really the only Solution – the only point which would’ve allowed everyone to move on and step away from never-ending polarity conflict. 

Fascinatingly, in the moment while watching the episode I was analyzing within myself what 'moral decision' I would have made and looking at all the points that required to be taken into consideration, where when I came to the point that Roslin said 'okay everyone's pardoned' - I experienced a moment of 'Surprise' , where I went 'Of course!! That makes total Sense! Why did I not think of that?'

Instead I had been looking at the whole scenario from a frame of 'right and wrong' - instead of stepping outside the frame/box and looking at Forgiveness.

So that was a nice little educational highlight in the series.
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