Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Day 214: Time is Money – Part 2

This blog is in continuation to:
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moneykrishnaandus1 When and as I see myself contemplating a particular activity whereby I am checking whether the following activity will be productive in monetary terms in some way or another, and then use this variable as part of my decision making as to why I should or shouldn’t do something – I stop and I breathe – I see and realize that we currently live in a system which is money driven as a reflection of the values we uphold, but this does not mean that these are the values we should uphold. I thus commit myself to re-evaluate where I am standing, where my values are at and make my decision on what needs to be done which may or may not be related to monetary advancement / productivity.

When and as I see myself react to someone telling me to ‘stop it’ or ‘get over it already’, wherein I perceive their remark as being an indicator that I am ‘being ridiculous’ – I stop and I breathe – I see and realize that I decide who I am in every moment and thus I commit myself to be here within breath, check my starting point and ‘who I am’ in relation to the activity I am dong – and accordingly either stop or continue with the activity depending on my feedback within self-investigation

When and as I see myself evaluating/analyzing the ‘worthwhileness’ of an activity based on its monetary returns (either directly or indirectly) – I stop and I breathe – I see and realize that we are currently living in a world where only money determines what is worthwhile, yet this is not what should be valued – and so I commit myself to relinquish the rule that ‘only those activities which will provide monetary gain in some way or another are worthwhile’ and to adopt an approach of balance where I tend to those activities which require to be done within the context of the current system and to those activities which are in alignment with a system that is best for all and cares for life

When and as I see myself evaluating activities based on the motto ‘Time is Money’ – I stop and I breathe – I see and realize that as long as we all live by this motto we will never have / find a way out of it – as the solution lies outside money being the solitary value in life. I commit myself to breathe, ground myself within my human physical body and remind myself of what really matters and what steps are required to be taken to get to a different way of life

When and as I see myself accessing an energy of ridiculousness in relation to having been told that I must stop what I am doing and do something which is more in alignment in this world in order to be taken seriously – I stop and I breathe – I see and realize that the remark is nothing personal but merely indicates the speakers acceptance and allowance as defeat within having submitted to ‘the way things are’ where one should just ‘make the best of it’ and not ‘waste one’s time pursuing change’. I commit myself to ground myself within and as my human physical body, within breath, to release / let go of any energy and to further investigate any reactions within Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Statements

When and as I see myself accessing an energy of ‘hurt’ in relation to how my parents treated me in terms of ‘prepping me for this world’ – I stop and I breathe – I see and realize that they were merely doing what they thought was right / would provide me with the necessary survival skills to have some sort of ‘nice life’ within the system. I commit myself to forgive my parents as myself and walk as the solution / example as how I would have like to have been treated

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