Saturday, 11 October 2008


What I found that assists me extremely in staying stable is being aware of my body movement and position - from the perspective of the way I move - the way I sit - the way I walk - the way I stand, etc.

I have been focussing on walking straight, and swinging my arms when walking (which I didn't used to do) - sitting with a straight back - sitting with my legs in front of me so that my weight is balanced and that one leg or one hip mustn’t suffer more than the other (which eventually leads to never ending unbalance). Same with standing. Not leaning on just one leg and after awhile lean on the other one - just standing straight - pressure equalized.

Doing this I have noticed that my body pains have decreased and that I am more stable and clear within myself. To my surprise I have even been able to stay wide awake in the evenings/nights without getting tired which is quite an accomplishment for myself – and I can assure it has got nothing to do with my intake of coffee lol.

At first it was quite an adjustment because I had this habit of sitting/laying in the strangest ways - not even noticing that one of my limbs wasn't getting blood or was actually a bit in pain lol and I would only change my position if the pains got really bad lol. And I could never find positions that was actually comfortable and was too lazy to actual just sit.

So I have been pushing myself to break those habits and if I fall back into them to just correct myself. And it has been extremely helpful.

just something I wanted to share.
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