Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 205: Does the 24 TV Series Encourage Deranged Family Values?

I re-watched the first Season of the 24 Series not so long ago, and I noticed a fascinating, and also kind of creeping thing. The whole season long, everyone is focusing on Teri and Kim Bauer – Jack’s wife and daughter. They’re basically in trouble ALL THE TIME and constantly on the brink of being murdered. The ‘good guys’ at CTU, lie, break the rules – do whatever – so that Jack can have his wife and daughter back safely.

You start off with watching the series, going ‘Ok yeah, save your wife and kid – makes sense’. But before you know it, in this one mission to rescue HIS wife and HIS daughter – 313 other people die.

But do we notice? No.


Because we only care about the main characters.

So long as I am Fine and MY Family is Fine = I’m cool.

So after a few episodes as people are being gunned down by the dozens in order to save his wife and daughter, I’m wondering whether it wouldn’t be better for them to just be dead or not be there because there’s now a shitload of people being killed and murdered just so Jack can ‘save his beloved ones’.

How can you value family so much, that you put yourself into danger the whole time – and shoot whoever is in your way, and then not consider that whoever you are shooting, is someone else’s family.

If you don’t want your family to be killed, then don’t kill other people’s family – I mean, that’s just hypocritical. Every person you kill is someone’s child, someone’s brother, someone’s sister, someone’s mother, someone’s daughter. He is the man that will do whatever it takes – but only so far that it concerns HIS family. Fuck whoever is working for the ‘bad guys’ – not a moment is spent wondering how they ended up to be a bad guy’s henchman, whether this was by choice or by force, how he could have been born in the other person’s position, what leads people to become terrorists, how this can be prevented,… – nope, not a moment to waste on such trivial considerations!

Yet, throughout the series Jack Bauer is portrayed to be an honest, loyal, honorable man – an example to live by!


If he had Real, Relevant Family Values, he would ensure that no-one would ever be in the position his family was in and he would make sure that no-one would ever be in the position of being the one keeping other people hostage and threating with acts of terrorism. He would in fact, do whatever it takes, to put into place a system that ensures the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of Every Single Person within the Realization that if Family Matters than Every One Matters.

Support real Family Values, Support the Equal Life Foundation as the only Non-Profit Organization pushing for Real Change and support the establishment of an Equal Money System which has the Equal Life Foundation's Bill of Human Rights Entrenched in it's Starting Point.
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