Sunday, 2 November 2008

Realisation points during weekend in Amsterdam

Realisation points during weekend in Amsterdam

When me and Maite arrived at the Amsterdam Central Station it was weird first of all seeing Jozien with her kids – seeing Jozien as mom.

What was really scary was seeing myself as one of Jozien’s kids – Lulu – the youngest – and seeing Maite as Zina – the eldest.

Just in one moment I was already able to see the entire set-up between those two and what would happen to them if there wouldn’t be any intervention. They would end up just like me and Maite. Just the entire set-up and ‘position’ a being has within the family construct already has got a major impact on the development of a being’s self-definition.

So it was cool discussing that point and how we saw things and how we could see the course of things if there wouldn’t be any direct intervention.

Seeing Lulu was also a self-responsibility point for myself. Seeing that it is fucking unacceptable for a kid to be influenced by environment and family set-up.
Seeing Lulu play and eat – doing whatever – brought up a lot of memories and experiences within myself. Which was quiet cool.

You see yourself as another being physically manifested – and she is only one year old. It was so fucking cool that I had this opportunity to just sit there and observe myself as a one year old kid. It was fascinating – even if it was only for a few moments (they left soon to go to family during the weekend).

It was as if she was holding the key to breaking down my self-definition / beliefsystem that I have about myself. And I hold to key for Jozien to practically assist Lulu and in that hold the key for Lulu to “prevent” her from ending up like me.

Cause really, that’s such an unnecesarry experience hahahaha.

It was a pretty intense weekend – lots of points opened up.
Very cool.

Kids are awesome.
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