Saturday, 12 July 2008

So first day of our little world event is over, now starting day 2 :).

We went to the station in Brussels quite too early and while waiting for Ann on the platform we bumped into a friend of Gabriël which was quite funny hehe. He hadn't seen him for awhile, sent him an e-mail, sent him his blog so that was all weird but cool at the same time. Funny to see how he didn't know at all how to behave. Then Ann came along.

Talking to Ann went naturally for some reason, I thought it was going to be "all new" all over again but it was really cool.
Waited for Paul and Jozien. Took some time hehe.

So they arrived and that was like surreal really. Like meeting Jozien in the flesh, meeting Paul in the flesh haha. First reaction was like "woah he"s small!!" haha.
Especially meeting Paul was surreal cause like he talks english and like VERY fast lol, was hard to keep up in the beginning.

Took train let Paul have a shower, went shopping for food and started cooking. Well Paul cooked actually. Exellent cook! He can come over some more hehe.

Then we just ate and sat at table entire evening till we went to sleep, talking and talking...
Was amazing like, no emotions or feeling disturbing me. Well at first I was like dunno holding a but back just observing and maybe still some but it was cool. So "many" Desteni people sitting at our table and just...talking.

Way cooler than chat cause we talk and smoke live haha.
Haha Jozien is waaay funny lol. So yeah, that was quite an experience!
It's cool to be in a house with people that aren't full of bullshit and you can just talk openly.
Also cool to clear up stuff together and ask questions about stuff we didn't quite get. And it's cool cause we're all here and someone always knows the answer.

So that was great day, went to sleep at about 1 am. All woke up after 6 hours. Drank coffee/water and had chocolate fondue for breakfeast with fruits lolol.

All these people, they're all... so amazing really. Fascinating. So cool.
Thank "God" they exist.
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