Saturday, 19 January 2008

I'm in my last year of highschool and have to work on a project. I can really work about anything I want as long as it has to do with boundaries/limits.
So I decided I wanted to work about the mind and self-expression. It's an "art" highschool so will probably focus on self-expression (though not in the way they defined self expression to be).
For now I've only read articles and watched videos that Desteni presents. Wrote some texts in my own words in Dutch (which I'll post in Dutch, translate in English and post in a different section or website) and did self forgiveness.
While reading and watching I'm figuring out how I could present this in an image/photographs(s), installation, video,... anyting is possible. I will also use this blog as a part of my project because my teachers are really fond of processes (and not necesarilly an "artwork" that is finished) and it's assisting me with reflecting and work on my fears.

I might start a video blog too. I will have to do forgiveness on shyness, embarassement, fear of judgement and fear of not speaking proper english haha etc.
I integrate my process in everything I do. Also in other school courses.
Few examples :

for religion I have to write a texts every trimester about anything I want. The first one I wrote for Christmas was about thoughts feelings and emotions (which I will post too) and the teacher was really fond of it. He gave me a "Very Good" (we don't get actual points, only like very weak - weak- insufficient - sufficient - good - very good.

For my Dutch class when writing a task I use (brutal) self-honesty but still related to the task.

When talking to friends or people in general I try to assist them by explaining for example where their judgements come from or use hypothesises to make certain points clear.
Altough I could do a better job about that which I'm working on. I often slip away into the mind and switch to useless blabbering, gossiping, judgement.

Also when debating in class I give perspective from my point of view.

Uhm, haven't got anything to say/share right now, may post some other stuff later on the day.
That's it for now.


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