Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 129: Doomsday is Upon us!

So, 2012 Doomsday is going to be hitting us soon.
We've had plenty of time to read up about it, decide what version of 2012 we want to go with, had enough time to get excited, hopeful, anxious, fearful (depending on what story you're going with).

I'd say, be hopeful, be positive, be fearful, go into survival -- have the big anticipation moment as the 21st emerges (though this is also a problematic point, what timezone are we going with?) so that when NOTHING happens -- we can all have a nice big crash down to Earth and realise: this is it. No-one is going to save us, we're not magically going to transcend into some alternate dimension, there is no apocalypse that gives us an easy way out of this hell hole we've made for ourselves:




So then obviously the question would arise: what next?

You don't need much common sense to see and realise that how we humans are currently living on Earth is not very cool. Are we going to come up with a new magical date that will save us all either through ascension/aliens or complete annihilation -- or will we stop looking 'out there' and face what is here as the shit we've created on Earth?

I mean, what is the point of moving to some alternate dimension when we can't even find it in ourselves now to create a world where we can all co-exist and live harmoniously? We'll just fuck up the 5th Dimension and then what - go to the 6th Dimension and screw that one over as well?

This whole 2012 episode, is just one big distraction. I know, because I once fell for it. I followed the version where we BOTH are going to move to some other dimension AND aliens are going to come and save us. All I had to do was just 'wait out' the time between now and 2012 (which back then was like 5-6 years). I got that I had to 'raise my vibration', so I tried that out for a bit, because obviously I didn't want to be left behind in this shithole. So I did some meditations and visualisations but it didn't really seem to work all that well. During the meditations stuff was supposed to just 'happen' to me and I couldn't get it to happen unless I actually created it and thus faked it for myself. And since it was quite obvious that I was deliberately creating an experience, and could not deny this point -- I stopped trying to get some form of experience or guidance, because it was really just embarrassing how I was attempting to fool myself. So then my meditations simply became points within the day where I'd sit or lay down and just breathe -- this I quite liked.

Since 2012 was going to be happening quite soon, I didn't see the importance in making any long term plans for my life, so I wasn't really looking at studies or whatever because what was the point of preparing for a career if I was going to be ascending to the next dimension by the time my studies were done? So I wasn't really ambitious about anything much and be pretty much bored all the time , just 'waiting' for 2012 to happen.

So then one day, as I was sitting around just kind of sighing and puffing, because this waiting was getting quite tiresome and I had nothing to pursue because it would be pointless -- I went and checked out this YouTube thing everyone was raving about and put in some spiritual keywords so I could watch some videos which might assist me in my frequency raising process.

That's when I came across some Desteni videos -- and oh boy, was I glad that I had found them! I mean, here was someone presenting a message, where you're not just sitting and waiting around for shit to happen to you and where you get saved by some external force -- here was a message, with practical tools that you can apply in your every day life and actually get somewhere with it, both in your personal life and on a global level.

There was also a Desteni video on the whole 2012 phenomena, and I was both ashamed and had to laugh, because it was really clear how stupid and ridiculous this point is that so many participate within. And you know, it's okay that you go there and entertain yourself with these type of things, you didn't know any better. So have fun facing 21-12-12 -- but when it's over and you're still here, know that it is time to face the music and we'll be right here and we can all face our nightmare together and get our hands dirty within taking responsibility for what we've accepted and allowed ourselves to become of our Home -- and move towards harmony not in some alternate dimension, but right here on Earth, and work towards a system of Equality as the Equal Money System and really explore our existence as we have never done before.

You know where to find us.
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