Friday, 13 June 2008

Dutch oral exam

I just came back from school. I was first one to go and was surprised about me not stressing LOL.
The exam went great. At one point after a few minutes my teacher says : "Leila, don't you see that what we are doing here is ridiculous?? It's a joke!" I said "Yup" and he then says " I know you got all the insights and you got the feeling and you're great in it! We know you're gonna have a "very good" (we dont get points but a quotation : very weak - weak - unsifficient - sufficient - good - very good). So just let's get this done quickly cause it's bullshit". LOL

so yea

thats what we did hehe

I also said at beginning of exam I did not learn it, only read it. But I that I thought that I would make it work out anyway.

So yea, that was cool.
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