Monday, 2 June 2008

Me and E.

Hmm I got my periods lol. It’s not really funny actually. I was already wondering for a few days if they were going to come. And so today during music class I suddenly felt like my insides were turned upside down and felt reeeeaaally shitty and I just wanted to go home and wanted to smoke sooo bad. So after that class, it was last one , I rushed to the station , caught my train. By the time I was in Zaventem it had started to rain which was actually cool cus it was freaking hot outside and so it cooled down a bit. Got home, went to toilet and yup there it was the bloooooood.

I don’t mind periods that much, I just don’t like it when I have them when the week just started. Cus then I’m at school all the time and almost no time to go to the toilet. But mostly after first two three days it gets easier and then in the end it’s like it’s not even there.

Today I met E. during my noon break. She had no school so she asked if we would meet up, I said OK cus it had been awhile since I last saw her.
Basically we talked about school ending and how we were managing. How we were never ever going to see all those people again.

It’s a funny thing me and E. I’ve known her for 14 years yup. Damn. And I really still don’t know her. That’s maybe why this “relationship” lasts so long. I don’t really know her, she doesn’t really know me but we can still have fun. We never really know what to talk about hahaa. We’ve always been quite the same. She became my friend when I was about 5. She could only talk French back then so I became her friend as I was the only one that could talk some French as well. We would play all sorts of silly games like Mom and Dad (dad was dead or went to work all the time, hahahaa now I see similarities with Disney movies)
Or play Pizza hut or some detective movie like thing hahaha.

We both loved history , like Egypt and all, we wanted to become archaeologists. She lived 2 streets away from me so had many sleepovers at her house. Haha, it was always same scenario. I would go to her place and I told my mom I would come back after three hours. Then I would call her when it was almost time and ask if I could stay longer. Then after that time I would call again and ask if I could sleepover. And it was AAALWAAAYS same scenario hahaha. But sometimes mom and dad would really become angry so I had to go home ASAP. But I never wanted to go home cus E. had a way more nicer family. She had a nice mom, cool sister and brother, and her father wasn’t like ours.
So when my mom would says “ok you can” I would walk home very fast, get my PJ’s and hurry back. I would then play a game with her and her sister and brother. At home I couldn’t do this. At home I hated maite and maite hated me. Gabriël was never there or busy with other stuff in his room.
I often wished I could stay there forever. If her parents couldn’t adopt me like in that movie Mathilda. I even planned how I could still be able to go to school as it wasn’t to far from my house lol.Before bed we would read comic books, put on music like Britney Spears or watch MTV.
Haha, I remember that E. told me last year that her mom would refer to me as her fourth child lol.

We always listened to the same music for as long as I can remember. At one point I stopped coming over to her house. I guess this happened around 12 years old. When we were in our first year of high school. We both studied Latin, keeping in mind that we were going to be archaeologists of course!! I started to get quite irritated about her at that time. She was shy; like me, but I was less shy. So I would make new friends and she would be friends with my friends cause she was my friend. So basically I had to do all the “social work” and she could just use the friends that I made as her friends lol. But I started to like other girls more than her so sometimes she would feel left out. I would hang out with these girls that I thought “looked” cool. But we always remained best friends somehow. We were just so used to each other, she could have been my sis easily. Well I had some other best friends, but she would always be there in the background. Other people would get annoyed with her as well. Saying to me that they could never talk to me without having E. around. We all saw her as pathetic (she was also very very small back then, and me and my friends would be tall) for not being able to make friends on her own, saw her as inferior and us as superior. Anyway somehow we stayed friends, we never had a fight really. We would have some silly arguments but then afterwards pretend that it never happened as being angry was getting us no where. Then this friend A. came into play. She lived only one street away from me, just around the block. She was a cool skater chick and she had lots of influence on me. She was very straightforward with boys and had no issues with coming up for herself. That’s what I learnt from her, that boys were actually quite the same as girls and that you could have fun with them as well. I grew more assertive with her being around. But she got dragged away with it, with her whole skater, I come up for myself, I only talk to guys cause girls are stupid-attitude. So at some point everyone turned against here and we weren’t good friends anymore. By then I was 13, 14 and changed school when I got in my third year of high school. All my close friends changed schools, all different ones. Friends would talk about how they wanted to come along with me, come to my school but in the end never did. E. changed school as well but I couldn’t imagine how she would be able to manage that, shy that she was. So basically, I made friends quite easy at my new school. I wasn’t the first one to make contact, but I head dreadlocks so people wanted to be my friend. I still talked to E. and called her from time to time. She did not like her new school. There were many people (our school before that was a very very small one) and she did not like them. So basically she changed back to the other one after only a month.

We would still see each other from time to time but not a lot. I didn’t want my friends from school to meet her cause I was ashamed of her as being my friend. Although she was still my best friend. She still seemed pathetic to me (probably massive projection).

Then at some point I would start go out in Brussels, to go see concerts at the Botanique. Me and E. still being into the same music (not Britney Spears anymore though) this would now be the thing we would do together : go to concerts. She was my concert buddy. I would normally go by train as that’s the way I always go to Brussels and its only a ten to fifteen minute ride. But if she would also go to same concert, her mom would drive us there! I would also be scared sometimes of walking alone in Brussels in the evenings so that was cool for me.

OK will finish this some other time feel like doing some SF
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