Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Activism and the Missing Piece

The Life Review of a Peace Activist is a very cool interview. The person reviews their life and reflects on their actions within being a Peace Activist. This interview gives some cool perspective in terms of why activism thus far has failed to bring about actual change within the world and takes a look at the 'bigger picture' involved.

The person shares how she realised how little impact her actions actually had on the system as a whole and how her approach (and any other activist for that matter) has always been from the starting point of separation, which is why any such approach has always been ineffective.

Walk with the Peace Activist through her various realisations to gain a better insight on how activism currently only further perpetuates the problem and describes the interconnected relationship between the activists and the perceived problems, the specific relationship between war, peace and money -- and what changes would require to take place to align activism to Practivism to be able to bring about actual change within the world.

This interview is relevant when we have a look at activist movements such as vegetarianism, the various occupy movements, anti-animal abuse, etc, etc.

This is a FREE interview, so you can simply Right-Click HERE and press 'save as' to get the interview.

Enjoy the listen!

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