Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 119: The Power of Thought - Part 3

This blog is a continuation to:
Day 117: The Power of Thought  
Day 118: The Power of Thought: Time Warp

When and as I see myself accessing an assumption on 'how long' something takes to do, and believe this to be a valid and trustworthy reference -- I stop and I breathe -- I see and realise that I am just making things up and actually have no idea how long something is or isn't going to take, and have already seen many times that my estimations do not match the actual physical reality of how long things take to do and so I commit myself to disregard my assumption/belief and to find out how long something takes by actually doing it and not using my estimation/guess as an excuse/justification as to why I shouldn't do something

When and as I see myself being in a position where I have to do something but believe/estimate/guess that I will not be able to complete the task within the given timeframe -- I stop and I breathe -- I see and realise that I cannot be trusted with such estimations and commit myself to start the tasks regardless of whether I will be able to finish it or not to practice the point of simply doing things without entertaining the backchat of 'Its going t take too long' and so not giving myself any space to move into self-sabotage but integrate a pattern of immediate self-movement

I commit myself to investigate those points/tasks which I have labelled as 'take a lot time' in terms of how they fit in my schedule to investigate the emotional energy charges connected to them as that which makes them appear to 'take long' and to remove these emotional layers through Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Statements / Application

When and as I see myself looking at what I have to do next and then check whether I have enough time to do it or not where I look at the task but then secretly in the back of my mind only check how much I like/dislike doing the task at hand -- I stop and I breathe -- I see and realise that this method of moving through my day/taks is very ineffective as I am allowing myself to compromise myself and others in not doing certain tasks or postponing them because of my personal energy attachments attached to them and so I commit myself to within that moment of 'sidetracking' inside my mind as measuring my level of resistance to snap myself out of it, bring myself here as my human physical body within and as breath and simply do what it is that needs to be done

When and as I see myself calculating how long a specific task is going to take within 'walking the task' within my mind where I see flashes of the steps and experience a particular energetic charge to each one of the pictures as the steps involved and then instead of looking at 'how long it takes', I only take notice of 'how I feel' in terms of how I react to each one of the steps, where the harder I reacted, I will translate it into 'takes so long' and within that sabotage myself to not do something or postpone it in order to avoid this 'negative experience' and remain in character and so I commit myself to stop calculating and stop going through the steps, breathe, ground myself within and as my human physical body within breath and do what needs to be done and then check how long it took only afterwards to give myself an actual physical reference and not a mind assumption based on energy

When and as I see myself looking at the time and participating within thoughts/backchat in the nature of "there's no time for that" or "maybe later, I won't make it" -- I stop and I breathe -- I see and realise that I have accepted and allowed myself to use time as just another dimension within justifying and excusing self-interested behaviour, where I want to be able to point to an external source as 'time' and 'the clock' so I can say, "but no, look, there is no time! Even the clock says so!" as a way of showing how 'powerless' I am within a given situation, that I don't really have a say in it and that my 'hands are tied', the time decided for me -- it wasn't me making the decision -- and within that completely abdicating self-responsibility and reducing myself to a slave incapable of any form of self-movement or practical common sense decision making based on what is Best for All Life -- and so I commit myself to within those moments stop, and check my starting point in terms of what it is I am trying to achieve within wanting to find out what the time and re-align my starting point and thus behaviour if and when necessary

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