Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 122: The Animal Kingdom Speaks: Teachings from a Sheep

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the Sheep interviews [Psychic AnimalsThe SheepPart 1 to 4] a while back, and it was an absolutely amazing experience.

We are faced with animals and nature every day in our life. Nature and the animals are all around us, yet the seem to be just out of reach. We look animals in the eye, and we recognize a being, just like us – but the big mystery is: how do they experience themselves? If they could talk like us, what would they have to say?

Listening to the Animal interviews, a whole new world opens up that we humans have yet to explore. I knew that such interviews would be interesting, but actually hearing and listening to what they have to say: I was flabbergasted. What came out in the interviews with the Sheep was beyond anything I had imagined, and it really put things into perspective in terms of the human position in the world, and how our self-imposed status of ‘superiority’ is really just a façade to cover up our inherent inferiority in contrast to the animals and nature – which have a way better grasp of how things work in reality, and see things that we cannot see – simply because we can’t see further than what our mind bubble contains.

I had worked with sheep for a short little while on the farm – and it was cool to hear the story from ‘the other side’ as when you look them in the eye and wonder what goes beyond those eyes and how they experience themselves.

Sheep are often found to be ‘ordinary dumb animals’ – but their message was nothing short of extraordinary. I was specifically fascinated when they explained the relationship between nature as all the various flora and the sun – how things used to work and how things currently operate after extensive accumulation of separation and it was really just woaw! And there the portal sits, and the sheep is talking and is explaining all of these points with the most plain facial expression, like they are talking about the weather, because for them it is normal, they see what is going on, they see how things operate – but we humans have placed ourselves in a position where we simply have not access to such information that is ‘obvious’ to them, because we are so far removed from reality that we can’t see further than the tip of our nose. I mean, there’s a whole different reality existent, right here, right now – but, we just can’t see it! So it’s really cool to have these interviews of the animals, and other interview series as well of course – because they provide an unique insight and perspective into the world and reality that we cannot yet access, and in a way, it’s a real privilege to be able to receive such information.

Haha, I remember at some point that the sheep was explaining how substance gets transformed into energy, and explained it quite specifically – and as they were explaining it, I went: “Oh my god, they just explained the laws of thermodynamics and they probably don’t even know it”. So when we had a break in between the interviews, I told the sheep about this, and yup, they didn’t even know that what they were explaining was actual laws in science lol – and when I explained the law in the terms as I had been taught, they said ‘Yes, that’s it’. So it was really funny and fascinating at the same time, that they have all this knowledge and insight, which for them is simply ‘here’ – while we humans struggle our assess of in the world of science to get a clue about anything in this world!

I strongly recommend this interview, it is very insightful and full of surprises – and allows us to get a better understanding of the animal kingdom and moves us to reconsider all preconceived ideas we hold about them. I remember how in between the interviews we would discuss points and ask for additional perspective (which would then be integrated in the other interview parts), where I said ‘Woaw, you guys are really specific’, where the sheep responded “Well yes, we’ve never have been allowed to speak or have had the opportunity to speak, this is the first time we are able to voice ourselves: we want to get it right”.

So hear the sheep, they have lots to say!

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