Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 101: Is my TV a Secret Mind Control Device?

The other day we were discussing the effect movies have on our daily lives and how images would pop up in heads of movies/series we had seen and how they affect us.

I found a nice example of this, where we in the morning and afternoon take the horses a bit further up to one of our neighbour’s field to go and graze, while we let our fields rest.

To go there, we put on the horses’ halters and have to go out of the farm and walk on to the road to the neighbour’s farm/field.

We would usually never take the horses out of the farm and they’d generally just move from field to field on the farm as they graze the fields short. If something happens with one of the horses on the farm, we know that not much can happen (except for the chickens/ducks/geese having to dodge running horses) as the whole farm is fenced off – and the horse has got no-where to go other than the fields of which they gates may be open.

So, as we were walking downhill from the neighbour’s farm, you get to a T-section where cars and trucks sometimes come down to get to our or one of the neighbouring farms – though generally, there’s very little activity on the road and all is quiet.

The weather was a bit crazy, the horses were a bit frantic due to the new spring grass that had come up (which mostly consists out of sugar), and the neighbour’s dog had been jumping and barking at the horses through the fence – so the walk was a bit tense.

As we get to the T-section, I look at the road and suddenly I experience fear and an image flashes in my mind of horse getting loose and getting hit by a truck. So I was like, “Hmm, ok – this is pretty random” – but brushed it off as one of the fears I’ll have to work through. Then the day after or so it happened again, and when I had a closer look at the image that flashed, I could actually recognise – I had seen it before! It was part of a scene in the Horse Whisperer, where in the beginning the girl’s horse gets hit by a truck and gets hurt pretty badly.

So then I went “Aha, so that’s where it comes from!” and it’s quite interesting to see how you maybe watched a movie a few months or years ago, and you thought you were just relaxing, entertaining yourself – and then one day BAM the images start popping up in your head with just the right trigger.

This is quite worrisome, because this is just one event, one image of one movie – and had I not specifically played attention to it, I would not have realised where it came from – so this begs the question: how much of what goes on inside us is real – and how much is merely copied and transferred information from movies, tv, series? And this is just a ‘media’ dimension – if this is the effect movies has on one’s mind – what about parents? School? Friends? Society as a whole?

This proves we are a product of our environment, producing outputs according to our inputs.

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