Thursday, 29 November 2012

All I wanted was to be Cared-for...

This Life Review gives some really cool perspective in terms of the saying 'careful what you wish for' and how we create consequence for ourselves through our attitudes and approaches in Life.

A simple desire such as 'wanting to be cared for', became a disastrous point within the Life of this person. She tells her story of how she wanted to be cared for without ever investigating the implications of such a statement -- where one merely follows a particular feeling that one wants to achieve -- without seeing and realising the consequences this entails.

We often find ourselves lost in desires where we want particular things in life without actually really knowing what these desires mean. We watch movies and series, were 'ideal relationships' are portrayed, where we want what we see on our tv-screen and where we believe that this is how it should be, this is what it means to be 'alive', that this is what a well functioning relationship looks like. But what we are shown on tv is only a photoshopped reality -- it's merely a picture and how the dynamics of relationships and life are portrayed always are made to look 'better' than how things work in reality.

We believe that we want something, and we believe that it will be a certain way -- but then when we finally get what we want, it turns out to be quite the opposite. How many relationships start with sunshine and roses and end up within hate and disgust? We want Love -- Love is polarity = you get what you wish for.

This interview questions our desires and common sense reasoning skills and reminds us to not take anything for granted. As she walks her story, she explains how the relationship between the body and mind functions and how we create and manifest particular conditions and situations into our life.

In a way, it reveals 'the dark side' of the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts affect out daily life -- and inevitably accumulates into consequence.

A must listen to grasp the extent of how we shape our lives through living within and through the mind and affect the lives of others along the way.

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