Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 121: How we Ruin our Lives with Memories

A while back, I listened to one of the interviews on EQAFE called 'Life Review - How I ruined my Life with a Memory'. This interview was really cool for me to see how a singular moment, a singular set up -- can define your life and limit how you will experience and behave yourself for the remainder of your life.

Since listening to the interview, I've been giving more attention to memories and what role memories play within facing points (which you may have noticed if you've been reading my blogs, the memories just keep coming lol).

It's an interesting and also important point -- because, every moment is a new memory, every memory contains specific information upon which we will act in the future -- it's part of our 'database' that we use to guide ourselves, what we do, who we will interact with, etc.

I mean, the memory that is being walked through by the being in the interview, is very simply and 'innocent'-like in nature and then as the being walks through her life and her story unfolds -- it's just astounding how much a singular memory can affect us in who we allow ourselves to be and become, and to what extent we remain trapped in the past.

It also assisted me to work with particular experiences that I would I have, that I guess you could say "defined me" as feeling that these experiences were very much "a part of me" -- yet, I couldn't really 'place' them where it seemed as if these experiences had just appeared and emerged 'out of the blue' and didn't have any foothold to 'grab unto' to give myself direction and to have an approach on how to work with these experiences. So as I was listening to the interview, it all started making sense and it gave me a new way/perspective/approach on how I could deal with these experiences -- where before the experiences would just be 'floating around' and I would jsut be grabbing at thin air, trying to make sense out of what it was that I would experience in particular moments -- whereas now it's like I have a pin in my hand and can see the experience 'float around' and then just pin it down, BAM - gotcha! LOL

So if you sit with any experiences which you are finding hard to 'pin point' in terms of how to work with them and where they come from -- I'd definitely suggest listening to this interviews, as it gives a very nice, basic, simple perspective on the role of Memories -- and then even in addition to that you could check out the Quantum Mind series -- there, memories are taken to a whole NEW level -- and it's really quite fascinating to hear and 'see' (the descriptions in the interviews are so specific, it's like you can literally "See" what is being said) how the quantum mind works -- and I mean, you've got to have some degree of respect for how meticulous and specific the mind works after listening to a couple of those interviews -- we've really set ourselves up for quite the journey...

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