Thursday, 29 November 2012

Killed by my own Fear

Throughout our Lives, we are taught that 'Fear' is a good thing -- even better we are taught that it is a 'necessary' thing, and that we should cherish fear because it will keep us safe from danger.

This is how we are taught to trust experiences as feelings and emotions within making decisions instead of trusting common sense as looking at things from a practical, mathematical perspective. Instead, we experience fear and we think "run" or "avoid" -- because apparently fear is here to help guide is, and is a helpful tool to ensure our survival. Surely, if fear was not helpful to our survival -- evolution would have taken care of fear and gotten rid of it within its redundancy?

This is how we accept and allow fear in our lives, where we try and reason why such an awful and dreadful experience is 'good' for us, and why we shouldn't question it -- as if it is some God-given gift to us and where we feel obliged to 'like it' because we don't want to appear disrespectful.

When the point opens up that we humans do not have to live in fear -- the most common argument that is given in defense of fear is that "if you are on the road and a bus is heading straight for you, it is fear that gets your ass in gear and saves your life -- we need fear to survive". But I mean, do we really NEED fear to tell us that we need to get a move on? Do you really need an experience to tell us, that if we don't move -- the bus is going to hit us and then we're over and done with? No -- it's pretty obvious = big, fast moving object coming my way + me not move = me dead. You don't NEED fear to be able to understand that staying where you are is not a good idea.

It's not just that fear is not 'necessary' to our survival -- it actually makes us irrational and influences how we respond to particular situations. How many people have phobia's that seriously affect their life to the exent that they won't even leave the house? Obviously there, people will say that these fears are 'out of context' and go 'beyond practicality' -- but they're really just an extension/magnification of all the "regular" and "little" fears -- but we just fail to see it.

The Life Review 'Killed by my own Fear" walks the story of someone who has worked with horses their entire Life and walks the timeline of how self would behave before the fear was conceived, how the fear was conceived -- and how fear affects effective and common sense decision making -- to the point where our fears become self-fulfilling prophecies -- as we lose all sight of common sense practicality and becomes slaves of fear dictating our lives.

This interview is very specific and supportive in terms of describing how the whole unfolding process from the fear conception to the fear completion -- where one can try and avoid a particular fear from manifesting within one's life, and where that very decisions ends up being our doom. It very clearly shows how fear is NOT detrimental to our survival -- and in fact proves quite the opposite.

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